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Travel, Tourism, and Extreme Adventure in Bolivia

Unravel the Untamed Beauty of Bolivia - A Nature Lover's Paradise

The beauty of Bolivia is raw, stark, and bare, in many ways. It has special appeal to extreme adventurers and those who are fascinated by indigenous civilization. There is simplicity to be found alongside tranquility in Bolivia, wonders at every turn, and the utter uniqueness of the place. Nowhere else is like Bolivia.

Bolivia offers the visitor stunning landscapes and bold, rugged, geographical features resulting from geological miracles and transformations over milenials of time at the highest altitudes of central South America. Untamed rainforests still abound and it would be a good time to see them while they are still here. Lush jungles often include wildlife sanctuaries and it a lovely spot to walk through the jungle with monkeys playing all around you.

Bolivia offers some of the most fascinating Amazon rainforest adventures on the continent. The Salt flats of Uyuni, always a must see, are now also in danger, not only by climate change but also the mining of lithium which is taking place for the first time. Uyuni is often thought to look otherworldly and photographers produce wonders with selfies. The Majestic Andes mountain range and its breathtaking peaks cover most of the country.

We recommend Bolivia mostly to the young and the young at heart. These days, extreme adventure is the main tourist draw and the place is very popular with adreniline junkies. Bolivia's spectalular mountainous scenary makes it all the more heart-pumping, with some of the most acclaimed mountain climbing and white water rafting rivalled only by biking expeditions on challenging terrain.

Unline anywhere else in Latin America except Guatemala and the south of Mexico, Bolivia retains an indigenous majority population, with many original cultural elements manifest in every aspect of society and daily life. Many tourists, especially the ones that spend years in Bolivia and many do, are in love with this aspect of Bolivian life, the way that indigenous people live on and continue to preserve part of their heritage at the same time that they are forced in many ways to adapt to modernity, doing so with a special grace.

Many foreigners engage with local and ancient customs and traditions, festivals showcasing vibrant dances and rituals, homestays for an authentic cultural exchange experience are enjoyed by many and particularly helpful for language learning, either Spanish, Quechua, or Aymara. Indigenous crafts and markets are a shopper's delight and many foreigners also learn a great deal about artesanry and breathtaking arts and crafts.

Backpackers come to Bolivia because it is as exotic as it is economical, it fits their budget and their youthful desire for adventure. 

Budget-friendly transportation options and convenient backpacker routes make Bolivia ideal for backpackers. Food and lodging are considerably cheaper in Bolivia than in surround South American countries. We encourage readers to plan their adventure to Bolivia soon and explore its natural wonders, extreme adventures, indigenous cultures, all at unbeatable prices. 

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Travel and Extreme Adventure in Bolivia
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Sharing Travel Fantasies for Bolivia


Meeting Fellow Travelers in Bolivia

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Making Friends for Spiritual Travel and Adventure in Bolivi
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