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Fleeing the Home of the Brave! Anti-Lockdown Americans Flock to Mexico; half-million enter in 11/20

Updated: Feb 22

The prospect of ending up at a maxed-out Mexican hospital dying alongside people of all stripes, colors, and languages, of COVID-19 did not dissuade the half million free souls from the home of the brave from venturing south in search of adventure in the month of March. 10% flew straight to the belly of the Mexican Coronabeast, choosing to land in Mexico City, the epi-center of COVID-19 in one of the countries where its appearance has been most deadly.

The gringo adventurers see a new normal now, many also want to get away from something left behind in the USA, something that has become stale and-or oppressive in a social structure that has been under great strain at best, and disintegration at worst. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, Mexico has been relatively relaxed in its restrictions, providing for many a sense of escape from the rigidity of oppression at the hands of COVID-19.

But while coming to this country may be a relief for many foreigners, particularly those fleeing colder weather, some Mexicans find it irresponsible amid a pandemic. Most recently, this has been especially true as the virus overwhelms Mexico City and its hospitals. Others blame Mexican authorities, for waiting so long to enact lockdown measures, making places like Mexico City enticing to outsiders.

However one wants to look at the presence of the Americans, it does appear to be the case that Mexico is paying a price for the lax attitude that it has shown in the face of the pandemic, at the very least until very recently. For the long term, however, movement across the border from north to south can only be good for a struggling Mexican economy.

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