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Ayahuasca Retreat,, Riberalta, Bolivia, Plant Medicine Center

Updated: May 19, 2022

10/2020: Lodge and Eco Retreat is most of all a medicinal gathering of souls who share a journey, healing, relaxation, finding escape and solution immersed in South America´s most lush rain forest. Joy, gratitude and purpose abound as one frolics amidst the natural outgrowth, water, friendship, and sense of sheer joy and thankfulness that characterizes life in Pisatahua. The finest plant food and medicine unique to the reqion abound, silence punctuated only by the sound of running water. As one heals and becomes more fully empowered, faith and commitment can be cultivated and reaffirmed.

When leaving the protected space of the jungle, we typically return to the same stresses and responsibilities as before, explains Pisatahua’s principal director, Eric. ¨Our lifestyle habits and maladaptive coping mechanisms remain deeply ingrained into our neurological and biochemical makeup. These tendencies won’t simply go away following a retreat, but will likely remain for the rest of our lives.¨ Sill, the healing experience of Pisatahua gives us hope to be able to better manage stress and depression for the long term. The Ayahuasca experience in this place in particular, can be especially transformative, lasting a lifetime, even beyond.

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