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Updated: Feb 23 Client Testimonies

Pisatahua is beautiful. I've really enjoyed the diet as well. I think both the space and what we're consuming and the ceremonies that we're doing provide a good break from regular life and allow us to really be conscious of how we're treating our bodies and where we want to go from here. It is amazing to be here. We've been held by beautiful people and caretakers at this center. Experience true healing and rejuvenation on a transformative journey to Pisatahua Retreat. Connect to the power of nature and the plants as you immerse yourself in healing ceremonies and the beauty of the river and jungle. invites you to join us.

Pisatahua is a plant medicine retreat aiming to provide a safe and secure environment for our participants to heal, grow, and learn. At Pisatahua, we focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our participants. Our retreat is run by Eric and Sasha, two experienced healers with a passion for helping others. We offer a variety of programs and activities that are tailored to the individual needs of each participant. Our retreat is a place of love and compassion, and we strive to make everyone feel welcomed and supported on their journey. We invite you to join us and discover the power of plant medicine, and the healing it can provide.

Pisatahua Retreat offers an unforgettable experience of healing and rejuvenation surrounded by nature. Our retreat combines traditional plant medicine ceremonies with activities like trekking and walking in the lush jungle. Our experienced shamans will guide you through the healing process and provide you with all the tools to reconnect with yourself and nature. Come join us on this transformative journey and let the healing power of the jungle guide you.

The Pisataua Maloka is a breathtaking haven of peace and tranquility, surrounded by lush greenery. Guests can enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of their beautiful cabins and take a boat tour around the stunning lake. Fishing is also available, providing an opportunity to relax and unwind. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained, and the staff is always on hand to ensure guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay.

Pisatahua offers a unique retreat experience. Our service combines traditional plant medicine with a specially designed diet, allowing you to take a deep look inside yourself without getting distracted by flavors. You will be close to ayahuasca and wachuma, and get to know the tobacco spirit as a powerful cleansing tool through diet and preparation before ceremonies. Our guests always feel prepared and ready for the ceremonies.

Your stay at Pisatahua will include a series of ceremonies to help you connect to the natural world and experience the healing power of plants. During the retreat, we were able to participate in powerful ceremonies utilizing the traditional Amazonian plant medicine, ayahuasca. We also got to experience the bobinsana, which is another plant spirit that opened our hearts up in a beautiful way. I learned how to listen to nature and with my heart. I feel much happier, and calmer. I'm coming out of it a different person than I was before, and for that, I'm forever grateful.

10/2020: Lodge and Eco Retreat are most of all a medicinal gathering of souls who share a journey, healing, relaxation, finding escape, and solutions immersed in South America´s most lush rain forest. Joy, gratitude, and purpose abound as one frolics amidst the natural outgrowth, water, friendship, and sense of sheer joy and thankfulness that characterizes life in Pisatahua. The finest plant food and medicine unique to the region abound, the silence punctuated only by the sound of running water. As one heals and becomes more fully empowered, faith and commitment can be cultivated and reaffirmed.

When leaving the protected space of the jungle, we typically return to the same stresses and responsibilities as before, explains Pisatahua’s principal director, Eric. "Our lifestyle habits and maladaptive coping mechanisms remain deeply ingrained into our neurological and biochemical makeup. These tendencies won’t simply go away following a retreat but will remain for the rest of our lives. The healing experience of Pisatahua gives us hope to be able to better manage stress and depression in the long term. The Ayahuasca experience in this place can be especially transformative, lasting a lifetime, even beyond."


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