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Share Your Travel Fantasies, Make Friends with Fellow Travelers, Join Us!

Updated: Feb 14

The world is yours, join us on our adventures

2020 has not been the year to travel. For many of us, as a result, we have a pent up lust for travel, want to fly, would love to leave where we have been pretty much holed up all year long trying to avoid to COVID-19. Flights have been virtually non-existent all year, and it has been a dangerous time to fly even on those few planes that are taking off for tourist destinations. Many of us just daydream about travel these days, which is the point of this web site, sharing our fantasies, and making friends who have similar dreams as our. Dreams do come true, sometimes, so you might even meet somebody special who would like to see the same corner of the world that you do. Join Us! Register! Share!

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