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Thailand Fully Reopens, Marijuana Everywhere

Updated: Feb 22

One ex-pat recently counted more than 100 cannabis cafes and restaurants recently opened up or in the process of doing so in Pattaya alone.

Thailand in general and Pattaya in particular, could not be more fully embracing the new liberalization of policy towards marijuana, making it completely legal, part of a multi-pronged policy to harness the attraction of marijuana to the recovery of tourism, the country's principle lifeline. It has been impossible for anyone who lives in Thailand not to notice the new trend, since it is almost as though every street is now home to some type of business linked to the industry.

Will Thailand's bold embrace of cannabis pave the way for Asia in general to open up to marijuana as well, using it to solidify a successful recovery of the tourism industry.

This writer predicts a domino effect, with Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam also embracing the way that the wind blows, because the wind blows marijuana dollars all over the place, and these are times of great need as we all slowly begin to wake up from the COVID-19 nightmare.



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